Five Family Fitness Ideas We Love

5 Family Fit Fun Ideas


The new fitness term is Hooping. This is not the same child’s play we all remember from our youth. When done properly this is a great ab workout and will get the heart racing. The key to hooping is purchasing weighted hoops. The most popular recommendations can be up to 3 pounds for adults. It is important to be fitted properly and purchase the right weight for your body. I was able to find my daughter a great hoop at a large fitness box retailer for under $6.00. It can be a little more difficult for adults. Just Google hooping and there are some great websites that sell adult hoops with individual specifications. As this workout gains popularity DVDs and classes will be increasingly easy to find. This is a fun and challenging workout for the whole family.


The problem with Wii is that the adults may not want to share with the kids. There are some really physically demanding games available. My shoulders were sore for a couple of days after playing a boxing game. My family was on our feet for over 5 hours the first night we played. We hardly realized we were being active because we were too busy laughing and having fun. The down side of Wii is that it can be quite expensive. Many of the games can be in the $50.00 range. If you purchase this with the goal getting your family moving make sure to investigate the games before you buy. Renting games is a great option with the exception of those that need specific accessories.

3) Frisbee Golf

If you haven’t ventured out to play this family fun game, you need to make plans to do it this coming weekend. The obvious combination of activities of golf and Frisbee come together with the same goal in mind as golf, that is, to get the lowest score to win. Instead of a club and a ball you use specially sized and weighted discs for different distances. Typically the heavier discs are used for longer distances, and the lighter ones for shorter distances.

Putting all the details aside, this game is just a fun outdoors game that can get the entire family up and active and have some serious fun doing it. Some things that may be a drawback with this fun family game is the fact that it can be an expensive venture, the weather can delay or postpone the game, and in some cases, other players on the course can take your discs if you’re not aware of where they ended up. As far as expense goes, you can find discs at used sports equipment stores for a much better deal. Some courses charge a fee to play, so you’ll need to do some online research t find the places that fit into your weekend budget. There are public courses out there with no fees to play; you just got to research it out. What can I say about a solution for the weather? Get a Farmers Almanac maybe? Or better yet, log onto Dealing with the disc bandits, you have to be diligent in watching where your disc goes, and remember to put your family name on them.

2 Hiking

This is another family activity where you can get lost in the enjoyment of the outdoors without noticing you’re getting exercise. This is, of course, depending on the trails you choose to hike. Difficult terrain trails can really get your heart racing, so take caution. Do some research on the trails you’re interested in before you go to get an idea of what you’ll be up against? You certainly don’t want to overdo it in the beginning, and take a risk of compromising your health. This is relatively an inexpensive family outing. You do want to invest in a quality type of hiking boot to be as comfortable as you can be while hiking. Weather can be another factor, of course, but there again the best planning can be very beneficial. Check out where the closest national forest reserve is to you and get planning.

1) Geocashing

Just imagine it, treasure hunting, adventure, laughter, and calorie burning all rolled into our favorite active family activity. Geocashing can be a family style exploration. All you need is a handheld GPS devise, a website of choice, and a zip code. Cashes small to large are available all over the country. Simply Google Geocashing and you will have no problem finding ample information. This is a great way to get your family moving. There is nothing like a little family adventure to get the heart pumping. Be careful though, not all cashes or locations are family friendly. Be sure to research your target before you go. Happy Hunting!

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