How to Lose Pounds Effectively Starting Right Now

Just by making some small changes to your dietary habits and the way you eat can help to reduce your calorie intake each day. Although making these changes is going to be difficult in the beginning as time passes and it becomes part of your daily life you will soon reap their benefits.

Below we offer you a few tips to help you to make changes to your eating habits which won’t be that difficult for you to cope with. Certainly these are changes not only will you find easy to make but also will be ones that you will find much easier to stick with.

Tip 1:

When eating it is a good idea that you slow down the rate at which you eat. In order for the right messages to be sent from your stomach to your brain to tell it that it is full takes around 20 minutes, yet on average we only spend around 10 minutes eating a meal. Because of this we do tend to eat far more than our body actually needs and so in result the additional calories we consume ending up being stored in our bodies as fat. But just slowing down how you eat can end up reducing your calorie intake by around 100 each day, which could result in one less pound of weight being gained each month.

Tip 2:

Remember your portion sizes need to be reduced and using a large plate will only want you to eat more because the portion sizes on it don’t look sufficient. Therefore use a much smaller plate say a 9 inch one and this will help you to provide yourself with the right size portions at each meal. Also doing this will help to convince your brain that what it sees in front of you is more than sufficient and again your calorie intake can be reduced by as many as 100 in a day.

Tip 3:

Although you don’t do it if you can sit at a table when you eat your meals. What you may not realize it but we consume hundreds of extra calories as we browse through our pantries or grab a snack rather than sitting down for a meal. Plus sitting at a table when eating allows you to assess just how much you are eating and so you can help to look at ways of reducing this.

Tip 4:

When you are eating it is far better to eat from a plate rather than dipping in to a bag of chips or sharing something with others. Unfortunately if you don’t you won’t be aware of what you are eating and so you cannot control more effectively how much you do consume. But by putting each meal on to a plate allows you to see what it is you are eating and how much and you can then control your portion sizes more easily.

Above we have offered a few tips to help you control what you are eating when it comes how to lose 60 pounds in 3 months effectively. If you can keep these in minds at all times even when out at a restaurant for a treat and so you will be able to remain focused and achieving your weight loss goals will be far easier.

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