Lifestyle Family Fitness

The mission at Lifestyle Family Fitness is “To fulfill our members’ needs and build lasting relationships through a fun and friendly experience. It is our goal to ensure this is accomplished with every member, every day.” They have created a comfortable and family oriented environment to make exercising more of a pleasure. In order to create this atmosphere they offer a children’s’ club, member perks and a friendly and committed staff. They are committed to helping members lose weight, maintain a healthy body and enjoy their time in the gym.

At t his health club members enjoy state of the art fitness equipment to maximize their efforts, more than thirty group fitness classes to choose from, including: cycling, water classes, dance and boot camp; they also are provided the option to do a freestyle workout where they can layout their own workout or choose the assistance of an extremely qualified personal trainer to support them in accomplishing their goals and keeping them motivated. Members are also treated to a $150 gift card upon joining to purchase equipment or exercise wear and enjoy any of the health spa treatments available; there is also a quarterly Lifestyle magazine published online and in the facilities that is available to all and gives quick exercise tips, nutritional information for living a healthy lifestyle and herbal remedy advice.

There are three different membership types at Lifestyle Family Fitness that each have different perks.

1. One Club- this membership includes basic privileges and guarantees and allows 6 visitor sessions.

2. Passport- includes all One Club privileges plus daycare, cycling and use of any club nationwide, plus 9 visitor sessions.

3. Premier- includes all Passport privileges plus tanning and 12 visitor sessions.
Each of these membership plans can be modified based on individual needs and range anywhere from forty to sixty-five dollars a month. Clients should build muscle, lose weight and, most of all, have fun.

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