Male Enhancement – Penile Implants

Surgery to increase the length and width of the penis is called phalloplasty. It started in the early 80’s and was used to help children diagnosed with sonicotomy (a condition that results in being born with an abnormally small penis). At first, only the length of the penis could be increased, but it was improved later and now, through this operation, the penis can not only lengthen but also become thicker.

Male augmentation using زراعة دعامات القضيب is a surgical method that can achieve quick and noticeable results, but I would like to mention that it is quite expensive if you are considering it. This type of surgery is primarily intended for men with erectile dysfunction problems and is usually a “last resort” when other methods are untreatable or when all other options have been exhausted. The procedure basically consists of inserting an inflatable prosthesis that measures the length of the penis. Once inflated, the implant supports the penis, enabling erection and sexual intercourse. There are two basic types of implants.

– Rod: The rod cannot be inflated, but it can be bent.
– Inflatable implants – These liquid-filled implants are a much better choice as they make erections appear more natural.

Implants are placed in the left and right erectile chambers, and a pump is implanted inside the groin. Manually activating the pump fills the implant with fluid to achieve an erection. This surgery is for patients with severe or permanent erectile dysfunction due to various problems such as vascular disease, prostate cancer, kidney disease, nervous system disease, and more. Most importantly, this is a permanent solution and cannot be undone. I would also like to say that taking such a big step takes some thought, as there are many risks with this operation. Because foreign objects are inserted into the body, there is a risk of complications, rejection, and even infection. To prevent infection, people are given antibiotics while they recover. If complications occur, additional corrective surgery is required. Improper placement of the Penile implant can lead to urinary retention and further problems with it, so the procedure should be performed by a professional with previous experience in this field. The advantage of this procedure is that the erection is completely controlled and can be achieved at any time, as long as desired and with the desired intensity. And you have to agree that this is something you can’t get any other way.

Although this procedure carries certain risks, for most people diagnosed with permanent erectile dysfunction, it is the only option to maintain a normal sex life and confidence. What I mean is, dealing with the fact that your “manhood” is no longer functioning can and can cause major trauma. This is difficult to accept, and every man is willing to risk everything if there is even the slightest chance that normal sexual function will be restored.


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